Creative Director/Founder: Flo.O

We provide the clothing which are custom made pieces, and if needed we can also plan, organise, put together, creative direct the shoots as well as providing the clothing. We also cater to those that are already established in the industry who want re-branding or just want new unique pieces.

VSM is an extension of Veeci that caters to men and men only - We focus on wardrobe styling and refining a mans everyday look with affordable pieces. We put complete looks together, select pieces for you, reorganize your wardrobe and teach you how to mix and match. The great thing about this service is that we can either shop with you in person or virtually.


Here at Veeci we cater to the world of Costume design and Custom made pieces. We pride ourselves on working with Artists, Musicians and those in the entertainment industry creating pieces designed to fit their personality, their style and their image whether it be for shoots, appearances, music videos or personal use.

If needed, we also creatively direct shoots for commercial use. Style and image is everything when entering the entertainment industry so if you need help figuring all that out, the team at Veeci is who and what you need.


Getting involved with and working in the entertainment industry is the reason why Veeci was born.


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