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veeci shoot

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K.T band X VEECI (Fashion Meets Music)

Veeci's first "Fashion Meets Music" Photoshoot with a talented band named "K.T Band". Veeci was very happy to put together, Style and design their first official photoshoot as a collective/band. 
The design idea came from the KT and the fact that they wanted an all black everything look, which is always my favourite thing to do, work with black or white (or both) fabrics and materials that is. I decided to use Velvet, Like Leather and Denim fabrics using my "Block T" as a template but developing that idea by finding four new ways to make the "Classic Block T" different.
The man behind the lens was the Amazing photographer Sam Gyang and the Stylist on the day was Veeci's very own MJ Styling. KT member, up and coming producer (who will soon be dropping his EP "The Formula") Duayne Sanford came up with the idea for the shoot location and together with Sam they came up with overall shoot ideas.

The K.T Band consists of four members, Duayne ‘DrummerBoi’ Sanford - Drums/Percussion/Electronics, Amadu ‘DarkGroova’ Koroma - Bass/synth bass/acoustic bass, Thomas F Totten, Electric Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and Stephen Simpson - Piano, Rhodes, Hammond Organ, Wurlitzer, Keyboards, Synths.


Collectively and individually the band have worked with a few who’s who of the music industry.


Check out some of the behind the scenes images below.

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